Why GMA-7’s live-action remake of ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ Will be a Hit?

Manila — Based from the beloved Japanese anime of the same Title from the 70’s, Voltes V tells the story of a robot created to fight the attacks of aliens called Boazanians.

GMA 7 released a short clip teaser depicting the invasion of the Boazanian Empire on earth.

Fans were also given a treat of Voltes V’s team leader, Kenichi Go (or Steve Armstrong).

Voltes V the legacy is predicted to become a hit because viewers love nostalgia that will take them back to their childhood years — and because nostalgia sells.

The idea is brilliant, at this time when studios often under estimate the Filipino public’s taste on what programs to release based on the perception that tele- novelas with over dressed & over made up protagonists & villains, screaming at each other with wide eyed stances & over reacting characters & plots that were re- used over and over, (that basically kills the “brain cells”) sells?…well not this time, because, the internet dumped that idea in this age of smartphones and netflix — that era is over.

The creators and the idea of remaking Voltes V into a legacy broke all those idiotic rules, raising the bar of viewers, ergo respecting the viewers perspective of watching programs from an “idiot box” that takes you back to an age when watching television is actually entertaining.

Given the anime’s devoted fanbase, the series will have to meet high expectations.

Popular for its large scale fight scenes with a hint of Martial Arts and fantastic & dynamic sequences, the story’s live-action setting definitely adds to the brilliance of GMA’s CGI team.

They got this, they will pull it off.

While this is not the network’s first localized adaptation, it will be the first time that the studio remakes an animated series, that is carved on a generation’s mind, culture & childhood; at a time when life was less complicated.

Although GMA’s popular remakes are based on tele seryes MariMar (originally a Mexican telenovela) Stairway to Heaven, and Descendants of the Sun (both of which are based on K-dramas), Voltes V the Legacy is one of GMA’s brilliant work yet, to hit your tv screens.



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