Rising back Like a Phoenix; Filipino Fashion Designer Oskar Peralta Makes a Come back in the Fashion Scene (Part one)

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I have covered Oskar Peralta back in 1997 as rookie in the lifestyle beat and followed his trail from a far ever since, he struck me as one of those unassuming, endearing public figures to deal with, that made my writing quite inspirational at a time when I was very jumpy working on the National print media for the first time.

Staying at the top in the fashion industry has always been a challenge for Oskar Peralta whose Romantic designs graced the runways & fashion magazines in the late 60’s, 70’s,80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

Peralta, the first Filipino designer to be featured in Vogue Magazine in Paris, was also one of the few students mentored by the prestigous Slim & designed clothes for former first lady Imelda Marcos.

His achievements started on a humble road, at a time when haute couture was considered expensive, designed clothing crafted by fashion designers who were devoted to their trade & clothes were produced by leading fashion houses.

Oskar Peralta was indeed one of the most influential designers, of his time, along with magnificent designers of their era such as Christian Espiritu, Aureo Alonzo, Ben Farrales and Rusty Lopez among others.

With National Treasures in the fashion industry; Christian Espiritu, Aureo Alonzo, Ben Farrales and Rusty Lopez & the rest of the Gang circa 90’s published by Philippine Tatler Magazine

All the more impressive, is his humble approach in dealing with everyone even with a hint of eccentricity, qualities that happen to court controversy, ensuing unexpected media attention that helped him build his brand.

In 2016, a tribute to Philippine couture was staged in Makati by the Friends for Cultural Concerns of the Philippines (FCCP) under the leadership of president Nene Pe Lim, and a group of noted designers teamed up for the first time to present a one-of-a-kind fashion show as a tribute to Philippine couture.

In 2013, He was one of the Top Filipino designers united in support of indigenous Filipino fabric along with Anthony Nocom, Dong Omaga Diaz

Frederick Peralta

Gerry Katigbak

Ivarluski Aseron

JC Buendia

Joey Samson

Jojie Lloren

Rajo Laurel

Randy Ortiz

Vic Barba

Edgar Madamba

Edgar San Diego

Fanny Serrano

Johnny Abad

Jontie Martinez

Lito Perez

Ole Morabe

Richard Papa

Roland Lirio — a group I affectionately refer to as National Treasures.

By all accounts Oskar Peralta had his share of ups and downs as a public figure & one of the few lucky ones that was supported by his dotting Father during his journey in the fashion industry.

Coming from a family of superb visual artists, He has drawn inspiration from his Father, Grand Father, Painter Ramon Peralta, who was a mentor to National Artist Vicente Manansala.

When asked how he feels about the fashion circle & designers in the new mellinia, “I cannot say I dis agree with the new designers today, because change is inevitable, in fact I am happy when young designers follow my designs in this era,” He said.

While Haute couture has been pronounced gone a few times, Oskar Peralta who’s designs were known to revolve around romaticism believe that the craftsmaship of haute couture will bounce back somehow after the pandemic is over.

A hopeful belief that is collectively & daringly shared by other designers here and abroad since 2015.

“The couturiers maintain this format that is vital to preserve and promote utmost craftsmanship in the business, the public often sees these displays of glamor as excessive and out of touch, buyers however cannot get enough, last year, an auction of Catherine Deneuve, Yves Saint Laurent gowns generated a cool million dollars,” Forbes Magazine wrote.

Oskar Peralta’s latest designs.



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