Paris Film Festival Announces “Tombstone Pillow” a Winner during its Recent Jury Selection

“Tombstone Pillow” an advocacy short film shot in Manila & completed its post production in Hollywood has entered several major and minor film festival competitions across Asia, Europe and the US with impressive results.

Highlighting the new voice of independent cinema, PIFF puts French and international filmmakers with a positive message under the banner of film artistry & camradarie among film workers from all over the globe.

“Tombstone Pillow” is totally different from what people would have expected of short films, considering the motion picture directors Daniel Lir, Bayou Bennet & film Writer Fraser Scott are exemplary in their brand of story telling.

The range of terrific nominations and wins for “Tombstone Pillow” is striking — the film reveals Lou Baron not only as a brilliant actor, but also a humanitarian redeeming her absence in her home country through the film’s advocacy.

“Tombstone Pillow” is now available on Amazon Prime US and the UK.|m_vhNGylimm_c231853339568



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