Artist: Lou Baron ( Lourdes Duque Baron)

Album: “Back To Romance”

Produced by: Andrew Lane, Drew Right Music

Released by: Timeless Entertainment LABEL Inc.

Record producer and songwriter Andrew Lane discovered Lou back in 2014 (whom Lou calls, “the great Andrew Lane”.) Lou won the LA music Awards and was also nominated at the Grammy awards that same year.

Andrew Lane is the man behind many soundtracks, that includes Disney productions High School Musical, Hannah Montana and creating TV show pilots recently.

As record producer, Andrew has had success with artists such as the Backstreet Boys, under his company Drew Right Music, he is currently working with a number of musicians with ‘that band Honey,’ reaching number one on Radio Disney. Read more about Andrew here: 👇

Music Review:

On her solo debut, Lou Baron lets her voice sway with the jazzy beat & lets instruments play a supporting role for her song “My Spring in Paris” that goes well with her Alto voice, when on some nights you go out, and listen to a new jazzy voice that is sublime, uncomplicated just pure good music.

To listen to the track: click here👇👇



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