GRAMMY-Nominees Lou Baron & Hagay Mizrahi, Back at Burbank Studios, W/ Collaborative Song Tracks for 2021 in the Works

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3 min readNov 8, 2021

Over the past years, Lou Baron and Hagay Mizrahi has taken the world of Music by storm, bringing innovative music to the masses and collecting numerous accolades and acknowledgements, including two GRAMMY Nominations.

Lou Baron and Hagay Mizrahi at Burbark Studios

After working on song tracks in most of Lou Baron’s digital album namely “Alive,” “Lately” and “Emotion” Hagay Mizrahi is back in the studios at Burbank, CA after his successful work with Pop music phenom David Shane who was in the middle of a breakout year in 2019 according to UFO network news based in Helsingborg, Sweden and run their operations out of South Africa, Canada, France and the US.

Breakout and mainstream icons in Hollywood are honored to do work with Hagay Mizrahi — a Los Angeles music producer/engineer of Gemini Musiq.

Hagay’s brilliant work credits include Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, and Post Malone, Hagay’s cross-platform work in music is quickly increasing his standing throughout the music industry, while Lou Baron Swagged her way to the Grammy’s in 2014.

Lou and Hagay is recording one of the tracks called “Intoxicating” at Burbank studios in Los Angeles, California.

As News wire in Los Angeles Puts it: Lourdes has made a swift and impressive mark in music, helping to bring back class and sophistication to an lackluster era. The starlet is the business — and an absorbingly wonderful entertainer. Her vogue is a wonderful, spirited rendition of a life lived fully, dipped in candy-coated sentiment — basked in a lovers collection of twangy ballads — that both the budding and the versed can dig.

The breakout singer has garnered many accolades in such a short span of time on the scene — and they continue to trickle in from her debut CD, Feeling Good At Any Age, which also received an overwhelming amount of thumbs up across the music circuit.

Lou’s croone draws from deep down in her inner most soul… and creates a sum greater than its parts. The result. A showcase of melodies and exceptional vocal harmonies called, My Spring in Paris.

No wonder she is adored by her fans.”

To Listen to the last Lou Baron and Hagay Mizrahi Feat tap the youtube link:




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